Ecommerce Services Solutions


The term retail as it is used today often refers to both traditional in-store retail and electronic commerce or ecommerce. E-commerce refers to the sale or purchase of goods or services, conducted over computer-mediated networks. The goods and services are ordered over those networks, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the good or service may be conducted on or off-line.

New technologies continue to influence the ecommerce industry creating new forms of e-commerce such as mobile commerce (commerce mediated through mobile devices) or social commerce (the use of social networks to drive commerce).

In addition to expertise in package implementation and infrastructure modernization, Aspire helps retail companies transform their consumer experience and supply chain systems with solutions like Next Generation Commerce.

Aspire helps to improve efficiency in organizations through its competencies in improving supply chain efficiencies, reducing interdependencies and making account maintenance more effective.

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Packaged Application Services
  • Retail Testing and Validation Practice