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Liferay Portal is the leading platform for developing Open Source enterprise solutions for portals, publishing, content, document and collaboration.

Liferay is a lightweight, interoperable Open Source enterprise platform with a flexible architecture and an impressive product roadmap. Companies worldwide have been using Liferay Portal because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most major application servers and database platforms, and scalability. Based on Open standards, Liferay portal helps organizations achieve exceptionally lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Aspire Liferay Offerings

Consulting, Deployment management for Portals

Aspire consultancy services on Liferay helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the application environments. Our onsite and offshore consulting expertise adds value to your existing processes and business needs.

Our team provides the crucial process backbone and framework for your business to enable quick and effective application development.

Our liferay consulting offerings include:

  • Authentication, Single sign on with LDAP/AD etc
  • Portal Implementation
  • Customization & Deployment
  • Integration with custom application
  • Custom portlet development & support services
  • Assistance with migration from any portal to Liferay portal
  • Creation of front end themes as a reflection of client branding and
  • Recommendation of hardware and software environment as per the client organization needs


At Aspire we adopt a customer centric approach and therefore customization becomes a vital area. We believe that each company has specific needs, whether it is incorporating the next level features, or altering the features of the existing software.

When the customization process becomes imperative, we give our customers the perfect option with the Liferay customization service.

Our expertise for Liferay Customization:

  • Offers close interaction between their experts and the clients’ team to achieve customization.
  • Covers several projects ranging from medium to large client companies.
  • Effectively uses the Liferay portal to meet requirements of the clients with precision.
  • Results in huge savings on costs and time.
  • Gives an increase in yields and returns for the client in comparison with their existing processes.
  • Offers services to clients and individuals who are seeking a new Liferay theme, PSD to Liferay integration or a brand new Liferay portlet development.


Aspire helps you develop and deploy a Liferay portal based solution well suited to match your requirements. After identifying your requirements, our experts will help you with the correct choice of portal technology.

Our services help you leverage your technology investment and create a working production portal with minimal risk.

The Aspire Liferay Services include:

  • Installation and upgradation to latest versions
  • Authentication and single sign on with LDAP/AD etc.
  • Portal implementation
  • Liferay & Alfresco integration
  • Customization, deployment, integration with custom application
  • Custom portlet development, support services
  • Migration, assistance with migration from any portal to Liferay portal
  • Creation of front end themes to reflect client branding and Finally, the recommendation of hardware and software environment for the needs of the client organization.

The Aspire Methodology:

  • A phased approach which is time boxed and milestone based.
  • Specific Technical and project management activity.
  • Individual project managers with their immense technical knowledge assigned to take the task right from its inception to successful execution.
  • Our experience in modifying the Liferay code base and its toolsets will help customize Liferay as needed by the client organization.


In today’s modern times when every organization is striving to get the competitive edge, Liferay integration is an intelligent choice. It is an innovative, value added and a high performance leading application in the portal market.

Liferay integration is necessitated keeping in mind its enterprise service oriented architecture ( SOA) , liberal open source license, full suite of support & services and integration with today’s proven technologies.

Aspire integration solutions bring to the fore the following advantages:

  • An increased competitive advantage for your organization
  • Business agility through efficient integration along the lines of application & information
  • Enablement of re-usable services
  • Standardization of processes to maximize productivity
  • Increased returns on your IT investment
  • Accelerating the flow of your business
  • Enhancement of performance and value

At Aspire through our vast experience and expertise we are well geared to integrate the Liferay platform with any of your other enterprise systems as well as migrate the entire historic data.



“If you want change, you have to make it. If we want progress we have to drive it.” Susan Rice With the rapid developments and changes in the IT world, the customer needs and priorities are also rapidly changing. Liferay 6 becomes a wise choice by the customer to stay abreast of the changing times and gain a competitive advantage.

Through the Aspire experience and success in combating technical challenges effectively, we impress upon our clients the importance of upgrading their applications to avoid:

  • Maintenance problems
  • Complex architectures
  • Difficulty in deploying
  • Obsolete technology
  • Difficulty in finding well trained resources
  • Greater challenges of scalability problems
  • Business logic mix ups
  • Problems of integration with other systems
  • Elements of the Aspire migration Process:
  • A three phased approach of Analysis, Planning and Implementation.
  • Analysis comprises:
    • Understanding the current environment and assessing the complexity of the existing infrastructure.
    • Considering new Liferay capabilities and assessing customization based on the new Liferay functionality.
    • Assessing Liferay 6.X impacts and the impact the upgrade will have to business and the changes needed.
  • Planning and Defining the migration approach comprises:
    • Migration only – this does not involve any customization to the Liferay tables and no additional features are needed.
    • Migration and Enhancement – This included migration with additional and enhanced features
    • Re-Implementation – Only data migration and no out of the box portlet and custom Implementing the Planned Migration Process & Testing the application is the final chapter in the Aspire Liferay Migration Services success story!

Support and Maintenance

Reliability, predictability and excellent service are synonymous with Aspire Liferay support and maintenance.

Aspire support and maintenance brings to you:

  • An elimination of software related problems resulting in slow down of your business.
  • Elimination of time wastage of the staff in trying to rectify such problems.
  • A complete service portfolio with a 24×7 software technical support.
  • Individual problem fixes.
  • Product usage advice.
  • Reduction in operating costs and increases efficiency.
  • Improvement in availability and reduction in downtime.
  • Reduction in complexity.
  • Eases resources and skills constraints.
  • Quick and easy solutions to the most complex portal related problems.
  • An assurance of the smooth and efficient functioning of your operations.
  • Professional expertise in the immaculate maintenance of an application with all enhancements and bug fixes in an organized manner.

The 5 major building blocks for application maintenance and support which pave the way for the Aspire excellence comprises:

Defects, Change request, Incident, Capacity and Release Management.

  • Single Platform, Multiple Functions
  • Out-of-the-box usability
  • Flexible UI/Integration Platform
  • Collaboration and Social Networking
  • Superior Features and Functionalities
  • Configuration with LDAP or Active Directory and Single Sign-On
  • Built in CMS
  • CE and EE editions
  • Comprehensive Document Library and Digital Asset Management
  • Runs on all major application servers/servlet containers, databases and operating systems
  • Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Integration
  • Custom portlet development based on JSR 168 and 286 specifications as well as Spring MVC and Struts portlet frameworks
  • Integration with Alfresco, Pentaho and many other commercial and open source products

  • Liferay/Java Team is comprised of skilled and experienced business analysts, architect and developers with average experience of 3.5+ years.
  • Aspire encourages and focuses on team training.
  • Aspire have set up a research group that constantly researches the latest technologies, frameworks and models. Also they constantly update themselves with the LR marketplace which helps them to identify a ready to use app for the client's portal development.
  • Experienced working with onsite/offshore teams and team sparse at different client locations.
  • Agile methodology of development
    • Using Scrum model for project management
    • Very well versed with TDD approach of development
    • Set up Continuous Integration server, which helps to detect any build issue in no time.
  • Code quality assurance by:
    • Creating JUnit test cases for dao and service layers.
    • Ensuring minimum 95% compliance with Sonar.
    • In depth code review by the team leads & peers.

Portals Liferay CE, Liferay EE
UI Frameworks

Liferay MVC, Spring MVC, Alloy UI, Vaadin, Velcoity, Struts, GWT, JSF, AngularJS, 

Bootstrap, Sencha (ExtJS), JQuery, YUI, HTML5, CSS3

Apps Integration Social Office, Konakart, Kaleo (Workflow), Valamis, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps
Third Party Integration Nuxeo, Alfresco, Redmine, Moodle, Jasper Reports, Google Apps, Openfire

Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net, Paypal API, Google Checkout, Stripe


SSO (CAS, OpenAM), OpenID, OAuth2.0, LDAP, Spring Security
Persistence (JPA) Hibernate, iBatis
Containers Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish
Database MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, HsqlDB
Testing Frameworks JUnit, JMockIt
Source Control Git, SVN
Build Tools Maven, Ant, Jenkins (Hudson), Cruise Control
Development Tools Eclipse3.x, Liferay IDE