Cab Booking System

About the project

It is a product to handle all cab booking problems from a Handset (Mobile device). This system has 3 major modules:

Operator Module: For driver registration process and 24/7 customer support.

Passenger Module: Android application to book cab, pay fare, track driver who picks up him/her for journey.

Driver Module: Android application which shows a booking placed by passenger.

More details

  • Customer
    Cab booking system is an idea that has been conceptualized by one of a leading analyst working with a fortune 500 company. He have faced many issues while booking a cab in London, with quite a few app giving accurate results. He started this project with the vision to provide niche cab booking services, which will help users to book cabs easily.
  • Skills :
    • Eclipse
    • Java
    • JSP
    • Servlets
    • Struts
    • Spring
    • JPA
    • Android
    • Spring Security
    • AOP
    • Quartz
    • OSM(Open Street Map)
    • JSON
    • JQuery
    • Mysql