Assistant For Healthcare Professionals

About the project

Our customer is involved in the business to support doctors in their appointments with their patients. The hired secretaries help them in booking the hospital, room, and devices they require for the patient.

The VoIP integrated portal solution helped in booking appointment as well as various assets required and automated the billing process to the doctors. A appointment bot was designed to automate the appointment booking process.

More details

  • Customer
    Our Germany-based customer is closely working with doctors (Majorly Psychologist) to support them in their appointments with the patients and helping them in booking the hospital, rooms and the devices they require for their patients.
  • Skills :
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SCSS
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • Java 1.7
    • Liferay 6.2 GA1 (CE)
    • Liferay MVC
    • Apache OpenNLP
    • Vaadin
    • FusionPBX
    • MySQL
    • Maven
    • SonarQube