School Portal

About the project

Our customer is looking for a cloud based portal for schools packed with enhanced features including collaboration, community, calendar, news and many others. It is flexible and scalable letting you manage features and permissions and can be integrated with your existing systems to suit your current and future needs.


More details

  • Customer
    A client has been delivering pioneering website and portal solutions to schools for over two decades. With emerging digital technologies and continuous changes to implement new systems at schools has been a challenge that most of the schools faces today. With this in mind, they pride themselveson delivering aninnovative portal solution that can integrate with any existing systems, providing collaboration for the school community users.
  • Skills :
    • Liferay 6.2 GA3 (CE)
    • Java
    • Liferay MVC
    • Liferay Service Builder
    • Liferay DDL
    • Liferay Calendar
    • MySql
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap, jQuery
    • SVN
    • SSO