Learning Management System

About the project

Using Learning management system our customer wants to redefine possibilities in the classroom and anywhere.

The objective is to create new LMS system is to make it easy and simple for the end user, which could eliminate all the complexities and confusion are available in any normal LMS systems. Our customer like to keep things simple and effective because they just want to make teaching easier and learning more engaging.

More details

  • Customer
    Our US based customer is a company, who developed an internet-based application suite specifically built for the needs of schools and school districts serving students, teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • Skills :
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap
    • AngularJS
    • Bower
    • Gulp
    • Node(npm)
    • Yeoman
    • RequireJS
    • UglifyJS
    • minifyHtml
    • JSHint
    • Karma
    • Git
    • Cordova
    • Ruby and Rails
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