Aspire Software - Pricing Models

Aspire provides different types of pricing models to suit changing business scenarios and needs. Learn more about these models. 

Fixed Rate

In Fixed Cost model the cost and the specifications are decided at the beginning of the contract. This is made clear by a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) agreed upon by both parties. The development work is done by Aspire keeping the clients fully informed of the status of the project. The payment schedule is linked to the milestones in the project such as SRS, Design, Alpha Version, Beta Version, and Testing & Deployment.

T&M (Onsite Offshore)

Time & Material (T&M) Model is applicable for projects that are bigger and longer in duration. In this model, the client has access to a fixed number of people and computing resources at our development center and they may use them for any programming work required. When specifications and implementation plans cannot be clearly defined before taking up the project, T&M Model is the right choice allowing you to modify your specifications, adjust time schedules and define scope during the execution of your project. Pricing is determined based upon the number of man hours required to complete the project.


In this model, a monthly retainer fee is agreed upon at the beginning of the contract. The retainer fee is paid at the beginning of the month and this entitles the client to the minimum hours of programming support. Any additional hours is charged at the hourly rate. This model is usually followed for maintenance contracts involving application maintenance or systems administration or both.

   Milestone¬≠ based Monthly Retainer 
Fixed Rate