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Business Intelligence (or BI) helps predict, track, analyze, and present information as it relates to business performance - it provides the tools your company needs to translate data into actionable information. Organizations today need continuous intelligence to identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profitability. In the current business environment characterized by shrinking time to market, enhanced competition and a dynamic business and technology landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful business intelligence can decide the success or failure of an enterprise.

Business Intelligence practice streamlines processes within a company, research and analyze to assist strategizing, decision making and understanding your strengths and weaknesses.


Business Intelligence Implementation by Aspire helps your organization data and statistics into knowledge that can be applied to your processes and business strategy. We deliver end to end Business Intelligence Services from requirements definition through development, deployment, and post-implementation support. We choose the appropriate tools, implement the right solutions, and ensure that clients successfully unlock the value hidden in the data.

Aspire offers full-cycle service and project activities support

  • Reports & Dashboards Development
  • ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Loading) and database integration
  • Schema Design and Development
  • Report Performance Optimization
  • End-to-end Reporting Development
  • Support and Maintenance

  • Improve management processes such as planning,controlling, measuring, monitoring, and/or changing so that management can increase revenues, reduce costs, or both.
  • Improve operational processes such as fraud detection, sales campaign execution, customer order processing, purchasing, and/or accounts payable processing – so that the business can increase revenues, reduce costs or both.
  • Reduced labor costs. The most tangible benefit of BI is the time and effort saved with manually producing the standard reports for the organization. It is rarely the largest benefit though. However, because it is so tangible it is often part of the equation when a decision must be made about implementing BI, and if it turns out that these savings alone can justify the BI system, then it is the easiest way to justify it.
  • Reduce information bottlenecks. The BI system allows end-users to extract reports when they need them rather than depending on people in the IT or financial department to prepare them. The BI system will even allow authorized users to design new reports to match their requirements.
  • Better decisions. Decisions need to be made every day and, as we all know, decisions have varying quality. Good decisions can provide tremendous benefits. Bad decisions provide no benefits - they may even cause you losses. BI provides decision makers with rich, exact and up-to-date information.
  • Faster decisions. A decision can be made the moment you have all the relevant information at your hands. In other words, the faster the relevant information gets into your hands the faster you can make a decision.
  • Align the organization towards its business objectives. The most successful organizations are those that succeed to make every person in the organization work towards a common goal.

BI & Reporting Stack:

Aspire has domain specific work experience in business intelligence field. It has worked on following BI platforms and tools: