Offshore ERP - Odoo / OpenERP Development Company Ahmedabad, India

  • Are you tired finding the best ERP solution for your business?
  • Are you tired of keeping track of everyday business processes with various disintegrated tools?
  • Are you afraid that investing in ERP will dish out tons of money of your business profits?
  • Are you afraid that new ERP software will take lot of time for your team to understand and get accustomed to?
  • Do you want to have an ERP with suites your business requirements and not just have tons of features which are not used by your business?
  • Are you afraid that the investment in the current ERP software will go bad when scaling up the business?

Don’t just buy an ERP, build the right ERP, because every business is unique!

When it comes time for your organization to evaluate ERP systems, whether you are replacing a small business accounting package or an aging ERP, it is important to clarify the components and its validity with our business. Each piece (often called module) of the ERP system delivers different value for your organization. To get the most from the full system, make sure your evaluation team understands the fundamentals.

Aspire has an expert team of Odoo / OpenERP technical and functional consultants to serve clients with all kind of Odoo / OpenERP customization needs. We work closely with our clients to provide end-to-end Odoo / OpenERP customization and implementation support.

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Why we belive in Odoo / OpenERP ?

  • Next Generation ERP Software
    • Modern and up-to-date technology with nearly 2 million users ranging from very small companies (1 user) to very large ones (300 000 users) running their business with Odoo / OpenERP.
  • One Solution for Multiple Business Types
    • This solutions suite all sizes, types and industries types alike. It has modules for Manufacturing, Trading or Service Industries. It also fits all size of business from Small to Big Business and all kind of industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Telecom, Finance, Education, Hotels, and many more. ODOO offers plenty of modules that suits your business needs.
  • Easy to Upscale
    • The Modular Architecture of ODOO lets you start with one module and then after add one after the other modules as requirement escalates. It is an integrated system that operates in real time
  • Make it all yours
    • Not only Odoo has prebuilt modules to suite your business, it can also be easily tailored make it all yours by customizing, extending the existing modules and also by creating custom applications specific to your business.
  • Simple User Interface
    • Gives impressive graphical user interface to view and analyse information with custom report generation feature based on business.
  • 4000+ Modules Available for Business
    • Plethora of functionalities & 4000+ Modules makes ODOO truly comprehensive for your business.
  • Fastest Development Time
    • Achieve a standardized business process in a quickest pace of time. Odoo apps can be easily customized for your unique needs. It is also very easy to configure & integrate it with any third party software.
  • Cost effective business solution
    • Odoo has so many modules that someone can start using it at almost zero cost of development. Also it is very easy to maintain unlike the traditional ERP softwares.
  • Empowers business
    • Helps make effective and informed business decision. It has centralized database, supporting all existing apps


Our Approach

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  • Odoo (OpenERP) Implementation, Roll-out & Hosting
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Consultation Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Customization Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Development Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Integration Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) User Training Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Maintenance & Support Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Training Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Migration Services
  • Odoo (OpenERP) Modification and re-engineering of the existing applications.

  • We have experienced, dedicated Odoo / OpenERP development team and Odoo / OpenERP testing team with rich experience in developing and improving Odoo / OpenERP framework and its core modules
  • Affordable Odoo / OpenERP customization and development services
  • Flexible engagement model to suit client business needs
  • In-house application development framework to quickly deliver the projects