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Portals solutions provide a single window to information and services across enterprise applications with a personalized and intuitive user interface across all delivery channels. The interface provides a comprehensive environment that connects diverse users, legacy processes, and disparate content types; to help customers create valuable collaborative relationships and achieve business goals.

Portal Capabilities

Building Intranets, Extranets and Internet Portals based on the higher-level principles of being a single access point to various information resources, web and enterprise portals unite data sources, content and applications in one place and make them available for users depending on a wide range of business objectives and user roles.

Public Portals

Enterprise Portals

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To succeed in today's competitive environment, public horizontal and vertical Internet portals (that aim at gathering, consolidating and moving data and web content towards their audience) should satisfy a set of functional requirements in a number of related areas - like providing users with e-commerce features, enhanced search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and social networks connectivity, etc. Enterprise portals, in turn, serving as business process accelerators facilitating access to corporate information environment, require much domain knowledge and business analysis skills from a development team to create a solution able to support operational activities, collaboration, decision-making, knowledge management, etc.

Approach to portal architecture is grounded on providing as much freedom for improvements, functional extensions and new systems integration as possible — all to support your business growth. We provide full support of SOA principles, extensively utilize standardized protocols and develop transparent and well-documented custom APIs.


Aspire offers full-cycle service and project activities support

  • Consulting and business analysis
  • Process modeling
  • Portal architecture design
  • UI design and prototyping
  • Data modeling, data flow modeling and database design/integration
  • Portal applications and modules development
  • Portal integration with third-party software and web services
  • Portal integration with business applications (like CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.)
  • Deployment and stabilization
  • Maintenance and support
  • Continuous improvement


  • Cost Effective. One of the greatest advantages of web portal development with Aspire is that we bank on open source platforms and reusable modules for improved cost effectiveness.
  • Third Party Applications. Integrate third party applications such as, payment gateways and shopping carts to give your web portal improved visibility, functionality, and relevance.
  • B2B and B2C Portal Solutions. Get comprehensive web services for B2B and B2C applications, including shopping carts, e-commerce applications, e-Marketplace, and a single point of contact for web visitors to access useful information, seamlessly.
  • Reduce time-to-market with speedy rollout of multiple sites.
  • Enhance marketing and sales capabilities with search- and social-network friendly websites.


Portal Stack:

To cut development costs and reduce project duration Aspire’s first choice is utilizing proven platforms carefully customized for your individual business needs. Aspire has the following portal development competency centers:

ibm Sharepoint