Software Testing

Why Software Testing?

Testing in software industry is often undermined saying that if you do the code properly there would not be the need of testing. In reality, testing is as important in this industry as it is important for any other industry.

The myth that testing is redundant in for software is already busted if we glance over the current state of the testing in software industry. It has had many major leaps and jumps not only in terms of various innovative testing approaches but also with the availability of new software testing products. Testing is almost inevitable for any software to become competitive with good quality in this cut throat competition.

To understand the phenomena, there are 5 important questions that have to be answered for any software product.

  • Does software product we create do what it supposed to do?
    • Software testing ensures the working of newly implemented functionality work as intended. With this it makes sure that the new functionality does not break already existing functionality. This is being done irrespective of development methodology used.
  • Is a software system works as good as with one user and multiple users?
    • A software vendor would like to make sure that it is always up and running irrespective of how many users are using it with whatever heavy transactions.
  • Does a software system is immune of whatever silly (illogical) things a user does?
    • Most often, the boundary cases are ignored with the thinking that user will never come across the scenario. Testing like exploratory testing and ad-hoc testing outside of specs can discover many weird results that a software system is not intended to produce.
  • Does a software system, works equally well on intended devices, operating systems, browsers and versions?
    • In current days where users are becoming more tech savvy, and technologies are changing dimensions, compatibility to different devices, browsers, operating systems is a must to reach the vast array of users. Compatibility testing with various permutations and combinations helps ensuring seamless behavior of an application.
  • Are users happy and are you proud owner of something you have developed?
    • Even a small user experience issue may easily drag a user away from your site. A severe bug can affect mass of users. This is the last thing a software system wants.

Aspire Advantage

Aspire offers array of software testing services, product testing services, providing Test Management, Test Automation, Test Process Improvement and Performance Testing. With rich experience and expertise in a range of Testing & Quality Assurance Services and Solutions, Aspire can provide end to end consultancy to the various industries in the field of testing.

Approach & Execution

software testing


Absolute commitment to quality and client satisfaction determines an organization’s success in a rapidly changing business marketplace. How well a product works, how easy it is to use, and how fast it performs are key decision points for clients in deciding which product to engage with. This is where efficient testing and QA play a decisive role.

Aspire’s mature testing practice with a good background on verification and validation of various range of products. With well-ingrained QA processes, in-depth knowledge about the latest methodologies, testing tools and technologies, and strong technical QA leadership, we are well positioned to fulfill your testing needs.

Experts say, testing never ends. At Aspire we believe that the earlier a bug is caught, the cheaper it is to resolve it. Hence, we apply all the necessary practices from earliest possible stage in software creation. We offer different flavors of manual and automation testing like smoke system, integration, functional, automation, performance, regression, acceptance, usability etc.

Test Management & Strategizing:

Our test management methodology provides a clear and concise approach that focuses on detecting defects early through quality checks while identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks. In turn, this will also help assessing project/product risks to increase visibility and improve decision making. Our testing and QA services, is the solution for clients who want to transfer their testing function and achieve high-quality systems cost-effectively, without adding any large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

Test Process Improvement:

During the project life cycle, time to time, we revisit the established testing processes to validate the relevance with the current stage of the project. This enables decision making whether the approach is adaptable to test situations in most environments (e.g. new development, maintenance, waterfall/iterative/agile development, customized or package software, outsourcing).

Aspire offers the following strengths and differentiators that gives us an edge over competition.

  • Experience of running different Testing programmes.
  • Experience of end-to-end Testing services for various industries.
  • Experience of successfully executing Testing engagements.
  • Innovation and processes that ensure continuous reuse of Tests to the maximum possible for specific domains.
  • Capabilities in test strategizing, test definition & design, test execution to bring out the optimum results and helps achieving customers their quality goals.
  • Capabilities in array of testing services like manual testing & automation testing like, security testing, performance testing smoke system, integration, functional, automation, performance, regression, acceptance, usability etc.
  • Expertise in QA project management using industry-standard test case management tools
  • Proven solutions and expertise to speed up the testing cycle and reduce the time to market.

  • Agile
  • Iterative
  • V Model
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development

Automation Tools:

Test Complete Selenium Telerik Test Studio Visual Studio Team System WebLoad Sahi