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Apache Nutch is an open source scalable web crawler written in Java and based on Lucene/Solr for the indexing and search part. The key features of Nutch includes a web crawler, indexer, crawl management tools, parsers for HTML, PDF, DOC, etc. and an expandable architecture that allows you to plug in additional functionality such as document parsers, custom scoring algorithms and custom content parsers.

We can run Nutch on a single machine as well as on a distributed environment using Apache Hadoop. By using Nutch, we can find web page hyperlinks in an automated manner, reduce lots of maintenance work, for example checking broken links, and create a copy of all the visited pages for searching over.

Nutch crawler with Hadoop integration

Crawling is continuous process. Injection is done by only once when injecting urls while other operations are performed continuously until the depth we want to go in urls. All these operations assign their job to hadoop and hadoop will perform tasks parallelly by distributing their task among the different nodes.

In the Nutch, following commands are performed for crawling:

1. Inject : “Inject” command allows you to add a list of seed URLs in database for crawling. It takes seed files, which contains seed URLs, from HDFS directory. We can define URL validation with nutch which will check with injection and parsing operation. URLs which are not valid are rejected and valid URLs are inserted in database.

2. Generate: “generate” command will take the list of outlinks generated from a previous cycle and promote them to the fetch list and return a batch ID for this cycle. You will need this batch ID for subsequent calls in this cycle. Number of top URLs to be selected by passing top score as argument with this operation.

3. Fetch : “fetch” command will crawl the pages listed in the column family and write out the contents into new columns. We need to pass in the batch ID from the previous step. We can also pass ‘all’ value instead of batch id if we want to fetch all url.

4. Parse : “parse” command will loop through all the pages, analyze the page content to find outgoing links, and write them out in the another column family.

5. Update db : “updatedb” command takes the url values from the previous stage and places it into the another column family, so they can be fetched in the next crawl cycle.


  • Fetching and parsing are done separately by default, this reduces the risk of an error corrupting the fetch parse stage of a crawl with Nutch
  • Plugins have been overhauled as a direct result of removal of legacy Lucene dependency for indexing and search.
  • Easily configurable and movable
  • We can create or add extra plugins for scale its functionality
  • Validation rules are available for restrict other websites or contents.
  • Tika parser plugin available for parsing all types of content types
  • OPIC Scoring plugin or LinkRank plugin is used for calculation of web page rank with nutch.
  • Follows robots.txt

Aspire Nutch Offerings

Nutch Configuration

  • Configure nutch on distributed Environment.
  • Integrate hbase, cassandra and MongoDb.
  • Integrate Elasticsearch and solr.
  • Configure parser and filters.
  • Configure robot.txt parameter
  • Configure thread size
  • Integrate OPIC algorithm for scoring
  • Installation and upgradation to latest versions
  • Monitoring jobs

Nutch Customization

  • Create custom parser
  • Create custom filter
  • Create nutch Plugin
  • Parse image
  • Index image
  • Customize nutch workflow
  • Custom script for run nutch jobs

Apache nutch has a highly modular architecture, allowing developers to create plug-ins for media-type parsing, data retrieval, querying and clustering.

  • Highly scalable
  • Scheduling
  • Relatively feature rich crawler
  • URL Filters and URL Normalisers
  • Politeness which obeys robots.txt rules
  • Indexing
  • Robust and scalable
  • Pagerank Implementation
  • Multi-threaded fetcher
  • Automatic discovery of URLs

  • Skilled and Experienced Team of developers
  • Develop search engine based on the nutch web crawler.
  • Customization of existing web crawler
  • Created cluster based environment on cloud
  • Integration with different databases using ORM model